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Animal Coloring Book 

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Book description:

Designed especially for preschool children, Animal Coloring Book showcases both wild and domesticated animals. Coloring enthusiasts will love to dive into this awesome collection of fun illustrations, allowing their creativity to run free. They have 50 easy coloring pages inside the book, featuring species from rainforests, farmyards, woodlands, jungles, and oceans. Using their favorite colors, they can bring all of these awesome animals to life!

Imagine being so young and eager to discover the world! Many children are drawn to animals in particular and this book can be a useful guide for introducing them to various species. Read them the fun facts added for each illustration to stimulate their interest in the animal kingdom. Be sure to check out the bonus tips at the end of the book, as these can help you strike a conversation on animal protection.


What people say

Just got the animal coloring book in the mail! Great size! Sturdy pages! Cutest animals ever! The fun facts for each animal are so interesting! And to think I bought it for my grandkids, they’ll be lucky to get it ! 

I bought this coloring book as a gift for my godson, who was thrilled to discover it was also full of really interesting facts about animals. Each page has a picture of the animal for the child to color, along with a list of facts about the species. We spent a long time reading through them together and I learnt a thing or two myself! We also really enjoyed the animal welfare tips in the back. Such a great book for kids (and adults!) who love animals!

50 animals to color accompanied with lots of fun animal facts. Perfect for early years settings, rainy days and travelling anywhere with kids. Such a great price too!

New - German Version Available

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