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M is for Mother: My Journey into Motherhood

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What does one attain in becoming a mother? And what are the things that remain behind? In M is for Mother, the author presents motherhood from behind the curtain, addressing the most significant change in her life with courage, straightforwardness, and emotion. 

From the fight with infertility to finding the courage to conceive, the author invites you to discover a story about unconditional love. Whether you are a new mother, struggling to define her identity, or a seasoned mom, you will find this book to be thought-provoking and emotional at the same time. It will seem natural to share it with other women, engaging in heartfelt conversations about the motherhood journey.

Genre: memoir, autobiography


What people say

The author leaves nothing out and doesn't try to glamorize motherhood, while portraying her love for her own daughter. I love that she brings to light how her own growth, such as being a writer, has developed because of her child. 

This is a wonderful book with so much to relate to. I suffer from secondary infertility and so I understand the pain of the author. I couldn’t be happier for her and that her dream came true. My husband and I did several rounds of IVF and it is hard, not only on your body, but emotionally. 

Alexandra has written her story in a way that will encourage any woman dealing infertility and the ultimate joy of conception through her first hand experiences. She goes on to portray the many challenges and rewards of motherhood and connecting with her child.

This young mother amazes me of how she can articulate her profound feelings into ways that will resonate with any mother who reads this, young or old. Her honesty is refreshing as she explores her own feelings and it opens us up to our own.

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