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Stories for the Heart: When Memories Become a Treasure

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We come alone into the world. And we leave the same. Between those two essential moments, birth and death, magic happens. The magic of life, which we get to share with other people. Day by day, we are given an incredible gift: the opportunity to be loved and love in return.


Death is not the final point. We have the power to keep those we have lost alive, by telling their stories and sharing with everyone the influence they had over our lives. Time is the biggest commodity and we should create memories, as they will help us go on when confronted with loss. 

Genre: memoir, autobiography 


What people say

I loved how she paid tribute to each loved ones and also put their death and memories into perspective. This book will inspire you to live your life to the fullest and cherish those dear to your heart before it is too late. 

This is a heartfelt, sincere, honest, and all around beautiful preservation of history and memory. Phenomenal work, and can't wait to see more of Alexandra Antipa's work!! 

I can say this book was written from a place of love and if you are ready to take the time to be introspective about how life and death intertwine then this is a book you should definitely read.

This book with guide you through the life story of the author, with happy, sad, joyful and incredible experiences. At the end you will understand the importance of life and a special place that everyone should hold in their hearts and memories for those that are no longer among us.

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