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The LittleBig Detectives

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Lorelai is a little girl who adores mysteries. Together with Niami, her toy cat with a nose for fishy business, she founds a detective agency. They call themselves The LittleBig Detectives and their mission is to catch misbehaving toys in the act. Get ready for a fun read! 

Age recommendation: 7-12

Genre: mystery, detective


What people say

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This book is so sweet. The illustrations are lovely and really add to the magical feel. I think this book is a great introduction to reading for young ones. The chapters are set up so that it can be easily read little by little or in one sitting.

Lorelai and Niami are the cutest detective duo yet! Children of all ages love mysteries, as well as the main character Lorelai! She and Niami in fact, solve their own mystery in this book. If your children need a get away from life and want their imaginations to run wild, this is the book for them.

This book is a great compilation of mini stories for your any little one with inquisitive minds. Perfect for bedtime book to read little stories each night. Creative and holds attention of my little one.

This story is magical and adventurous, a big hit for all kids. The illustrations are just beautifully done. My daughter is mesmerized looking at them for ages after reading each page.

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