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[Book Review] Gerald Wants to Wear Pink, [Author] Becci Murray

These folks are Gerald’s family.

They’re all as blue as blue can be.

They find it very hard to see…

That Gerald wants to wear pink.

Only a talented writer like Becci Murray could take a serious topic like acceptance and transform into a story that can be equally enjoyed by children and adults. In a world filled with blue, Gerald wants to wear pink. Isn’t this the best metaphor for accepting and embracing the diversity of our world, with kindness and empathy? It sure is!

My opinion:

Any new release from Becci Murray brings a smile on my face. I cuddle with my daughter and open the book, excited for what lies ahead. In “Gerald Wants to Wear Pink”, the author offers a story that is both amusing and serious at the same time. She “nudges” her readers to accept others as they are, as this is where the greatest treasure of humankind nestles, in our diversity. When we are kind to ourselves and to others, the world is definitely a better place!

No one knows what will happen if Gerald wears pink. Maybe hairy warts will plague his mother, the ducks will go moo and the cows will start to quack, or fish will begin to grow human ears… the world is filled with possibilities! With her adorable humor, Becci Murray delivers a fabulous story. The rhymes are spot on, and the book overflows with joy and laughter, exactly as a good story for children should be. Her message? Embrace who you are and appreciate your uniqueness. In a world of blue, be like Gerald!

Can you tell how much I loved the book? I hope so! Growing up, I often felt different, and I fought hard to fit in. As a mom now, I am trying to raise my daughter as the individual that she is, without the fit-in-the-box mentality. Parents need stories like this, stories where characters find the courage to openly express their feelings and overcome preconceived notions. Should Gerald listen to all those who tell him he should only wear blue? Of course not! That is exactly what makes this story brilliant.

The humor in the book is original and genuinely entertaining. I especially loved the dog, but I am going to let you discover the other hilarious situations or characters by yourself. What I would like to point out is that, behind the façade of hilarity, Becci reminds the readers, young or old, that we should always be ourselves. More importantly, we should never strive to be like others, as our uniqueness is the biggest gift we have.


We were so happy to add this wonderful book to our collection! Becci Murray is dear to us and her books are genuine treasures for children to have. Her latest book was thoroughly enjoyed by my daughter, and I must admit that I found equally entertaining. A wonderful story about acceptance and diversity, it comes as a reminder that we have the power to model our children’s minds and guide them in the right direction. Be sure to check out her other books!

Book Link: https://www.amazon.de/Becci-Murray/dp/1913944190/

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