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[Book Review] Sentinals Awaken: Book One of the Sentinals Series, [Author] Helen Garraway

A fantasy book which introduces the reader to a story like no other, offering a bit of everything, from magic to adventure. Immersed in the saga of Remargaren, you will forget about the outer world, discovering the pleasure of reading a tale that puts the battle of good versus evil front and center.

My thoughts:

I loved the story the author has woven, I found it to be in rich in details and so beautifully-developed. Fantasy books sometimes all seem the same, but not this particular one. From Jerrol Haven, a captain with strong morals to Lady Leylandii, an ancient goddess with an enigmatic appearance, the story is filled with interesting characters.

What is the connection between Jerrol and Lady Leylandii? You will have to read the book for yourself. The only thing I am going to tell you is that the captain possesses a rare gift, which will change the course of the story significantly. The fight for the saving of Remargaren will include bloodshed, betrayal, and all sorts of trouble.

This is the first book in the series, and it offers the perfect introduction to the author’s creative imagination. The complex characters add to the delight of the story, and I appreciate how much effort the author has put into creating a very real background. While reading, you can almost feel like you are there, living the adventure for real.


If you like fantasy books, this is one of the best I had the pleasure of reading. The talented author offers us an epic adventure, with a hero worth admiring. A book hard to put down, with a distinct twist on the fantasy genre. The story is full of magic and you can easily lose yourself in the world, picturing everything the author imagined in the first place. Well-done!

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