• Alexandra Antipa

[Review] Creative Ways to Grieve, [Author] Y. Y. Chan

We each express the grief caused by the loss of our loved ones in different ways. However, most people find it easiest to sit down and put their feelings on paper. A grief journal is indeed the creative way to grieve, as this wonderful author so cleverly suggests.

Grief is a complicated matter. It is often hard to process and even harder to explain it to others. Nonetheless, as any therapist will explain, it is not healthy to let your pain hidden inside. No matter how difficult it might be, we must let it out to light and find the strength to continue with our healing journey. I felt so emotional to see this grief journal and I found a lot of comfort between its pages.

If you haven’t used a grief journal before, do not be afraid. Do not put too much pressure on yourself and just let your heart guide you in the right direction. The journal begins with tips on how to use it, so you already have a helping hand right by your side. I absolutely loved the self-care tips included; if you feel lost, these might help you get back on the right track. It seems the author has thought of everything, guiding you to pay attention to what matters, such as your mood. The quotes sprinkled throughout the book add to the beauty of this journal, their words of wisdom emotional and inspiring at the same time.

Between the pages of the journal, you will have the opportunity to remember your loved ones and fond memories. You will be reminded of the things you should be grateful for, with a gratitude jar to use exactly to this purpose. Down the memory lane, you will re-live happy times, smiling without any effort. The memory box is a special addition to the journal, with the author offering plenty of useful suggestions on how to create one. You can write letters to those you’ve lost, explore your own feelings, and even draw to release the emotional tension… this journal truly has it all!

What a precious gift to have! The grief journal is beautiful, and it has helped me explore my feelings related to the passing of my father. It is easy to fill in and it helps those who are grieving to heal. Be sure to check out the dedication at the back, as the author has dedicated her grief journal to an author friend, who has sadly passed. Her beautiful words will help anyone dealing with grief, as the rest of the journal. I also encourage you to check out her other books, she is an amazing writer!

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