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[Book Review] Just Say It, [Author] Tessa Barrie

A great story about self-discovery, family secrets and everything in-between. Written in a flawless style, it draws the reader in from the first page, building up one layer after the other. From the main character, who is honest and unapologetic, to the way the past is revealed, I would say that this is one of the best books I have ever read.

My thoughts:

Meet Lisa, a woman who used to work as a columnist for a leading magazine in the United Kingdom. She has just turned forty and it seems that a midlife crisis is just about the knock on her door. Fearful of what this new age milestone might bring, she makes an important decision – it’s time to discover why she suffers from “emotional impotence” and what happened with her father. In her journey, however, she will end up discovering more about her mother, who is equally narcissistic and controlling.

I absolutely loved this book! The author did a brilliant job in crafting a story around topics that will be forever relevant, such as getting old, narcissism, and rocky family relationships. I followed Lisa’s journey of self-discovery with interest, but I also liked the whole dynamic of the story. I am sure many people can relate to how the narcissistic mother behaves, especially upon seeing how involved she is in her own journey. Lisa is a wonderful character, and you will definitely want to follow her quest until the end.

This was an enjoyable book, far from predictable. I kept turning one page after the other, wondering what would happen next. From a different perspective, it was lovely to read the descriptions accompanying the story. Not only does the author takes the reader to various locations, such as Gloucestershire, London, and Portugal, but one will also travel to different time periods.


If you are looking for a new read, you’ve found it! I highly recommend this book, as it has a little of everything. Readers will fall in love with Lisa and her journey, being drawn to the clever combination of family secrets, narcissism and emotional upturns. The book has enough funny bits to balance the rest of the story, and the storyline flows seamlessly. A perfect escape!

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