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[Book Review] The New Zealand Dream: The Seeds Are Sown, [Author] Shiela

The story of an interesting life, with its up and downs. This is the first book in the series called “The New Zealand Dream”, and it portrays a woman’s journey from birth to adulthood. From life experiences that will give you a taste of where resilience stems from to having New Zealand as a background, this is a memoir worth reading.

My thoughts:

I had the honor of reading both books in the series, and I was thrilled to hear the author is writing a third volume as well. She has a thought-provoking writing style, drawing you into her journey, including characters of the most diverse variety.

The author manages to hold the reader’s attention effortlessly, and even though this is not an easy story to read, you cannot help but want to find out what happens next. I appreciate the fact that the author was strong enough to highlight her own part in the journey, as well as the people who were a bad influence to her.

Through the lens of her own insight, I was able to read a heartfelt, honest confession about a difficult life. She went from a child to a young woman, dealing with family dysfunction, abuse, and trauma. Yet, as you will find see for yourself, she had the courage to get up and fight to survive. While reading about her experiences, you will discover a story about perseverance, and understand it is possible to overcome even the most negative odds.

Her memoir engrossed me in full, and I appreciated the fact that she didn’t present her otherwise difficult experiences from a naïve perspective. She had courage to present things as they were, to the point of eliciting emotion and even shock. I could not help but offer my support, as I know how hard it must have been to heal and become resilient.


The book presents an uplifting story about perseverance, resilience, and hope. It is deeply-honest and powerful, revealing the true heart of the author. Thanks to her unique writing style, she draws you into her story, proving it is always possible to get up and fight for a better future. An engaging, well-written memoir, with an author who is not afraid to show what it takes to reach a healthy point in one’s life!

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